Our Ambassadors

A passionate mountaineer striving for a bigger adventure with each climb.

A Malaysian journalist who advises the mole.my and bloggers in need of free counselling. His major interests are travelling and two wheels.

As a true adventurer, besides being an Arctic explorer, AbangPolar is also a backpacker, rafter, and biker.

A photographer & a content creator who enjoys exploring what nature has to offer & keen on promoting local tourism especially in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

An advanced Freediver, Scuba Instructor who is also a Professional Mermaid Trainer.

A community of people passionate about outdoor exploration - topside and underwater - united by our love and skill for visual storytelling. 

An energetic beach and diving enthusiast who embraces nature as well as urban delights.

An adventurer and nature lover who enjoys travelling and exploring the world and has a deep passion in diving.

A nemophilist and art enthusiast who is into beach and nature.

One who desires to live life on roads and know world as an asthetic voyager.

An outdoor enthusiast and lover of water-sports.

A Penang-based moto vlogger.

Exploring the beauty of nature and discovering unexplored places by seeing the world from bird's-eye view.


A group of individuals with a passion for exploring the world. They believe that travel is about life learning experiences, embracing mother nature and connecting with other people regardless of their race.

An adventurous city girl that passionate about backpacking and any kind of outdoor activities.

An avid travel motovlogger that finds the world seems a little bit closeron a motorcycle.

Budding entrepreneur, avid photographer and world explorer.


Tatiana is a seeker, healer and life voyager. She cultivates spiritual, mental and physical health. She is a single mom and mostly all her adventures are shared with her son. 

A Malaysian man who visited 89 countries, 7 continents and 5 oceans.

Director of Guan How Superrbike and active in motorsport. Also master the repairing skill of motorbike.


An Adventurer from Mongolia who is expert in organizing tailor-made and small group adventure holidays to Mongolia. 

He is one of the top lifestyle bloggers (www.tekkaus.com) in Malaysia who has been sharing his life and views via his creative and distinctive voice.

Co-captain of Malaysian Dodgeball Team, 2019 being his 5th year representing Malaysia on the world stage.

An intrepid professional photographer who is passionate about the outdoors and the natural world around him.