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sean Kojek


Sean Kojek is the founder of Drone South KL and an enthusiast of aerial photography.

Exploring the beauty of nature and discovering unexplored places by seeing the world from bird's-eye view,

Sean needs to be fully equipped with proper gear; and Hypergear is his choice.

Photo courtesy of Sean Kojek

Muhammad Syahmi Idris, or Sean Kojek, as we call him, is the founder of Drone South KL; the people's go-to place for drone supply and expert advice. Things started out small but the thrill and passion of capturing adventures through the drones' lenses has spurred this young entrepreneur on to establish his business to educate the masses in enhancing their skills as recreational users. But with a passion this big, it did not stop there. Sean has also reached out to authorities in industries in Malaysia to promote the drone technology and its benefits.

Photo courtesy of Sean Kojek

To Sean, even without means to fly, one can still experience what the eagles see when soaring high in the sky through a drone's lens. Flying drones allows him to soak in nature's beauty from a bird's-eye view that we are otherwise not able to capture from our daily perspective on land, besides to discover gems of unexplored places. Where people see marshes as places of something dark and creepy, Sean flies his drone through it capturing the beauty of the greenery and perfecting his skill in aerial photography. His thirst for adventure has also brought him to discover an old dredge in Dengkil, a place not popularly known to the masses.

Pictured above are Sean (left) and a fellow Hypergear Hero, AbangPolar/Rizal Khalif. Photo courtesy of Sean Kojek.

As someone who embraces the environment and the outdoors, Sean also takes the opportunity to go for a jog or a leisure walk under the skies in which he flies his drones. Besides doing video production for commercial and private occasions, Sean has also been involved in various video shoots with Hypergear.

Photo courtesy of Sean Kojek

Accompanying him is his ever faithful Hypergear, waterproof to protect his precious drone. Durable and stylish - these are what drove Sean to choose Hypergear as the trusted brand to secure and transport his gear.