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Rider Helmet Pink


Ika or better known as "rider helmet pink" because of her instagram handleand also her youtube channel. 

 She became a travel motovlogger to show theworld the joy of riding and also the biker community in Malaysia throughher eyes. 

She passionate about travelling.

She loves to ride her bike everywhere she possibly canand is planning for a year long ride across the world.

She often spends almost everyday on her bike travelling to famous food hotspots as well as historical sites. 

Her normal weekend is riding to cameron highlands for a cup of morning teabefore popping off to Penang for lunch then back to KL on the same day. 

Because of her immense love for her bikes, she takes it upon herself tomaintain and repair the bikes all by herself. 

From regular oil changes tofull engine overhauls, only her hands is what touches the heart of herbikes.

At last but not least, dont forget to watch her youtube channel so you dont miss her nextmotorcycle adventure.