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Director of Guan How Superrbike and active in motorsport. Also master the repairing skill of motorbike.

Once upon a time when the world perceived a girl who rode a bike as unladylike and culturally inappropriate, a 5 years old girl by the name of Wendy with the size of toddler and blood veins flow with engine oil, got her first ride on a bike. Since then, the rest becomes history. Today, in defiance of patriarchy, she owns a superbike showroom at Simpang Pulai in Ipoh and lead one of the best foremen team in Ipoh region with the top notch workmanship in servicing and repair work. Moreover, although less than 40 kg, she actively participate in Motorsport racing and could top the speed of more than 200 km/h on a monstrous thousand CC Kawasaki beast. While during the common day off her bike, she is like any American folk would tour her GIANT pick up truck around the town, safe and sound.If there is something life taught us, is that not all girls are born to play baby dolls. Some prefer to tame the beast. A book simply cannot be judged by its cover. That's Wendy.