“What does he/she like? What should I buy for him/her?”, trending questions year end. 

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means? It's Christmas Gift Exchange time! What a bittersweet activity, right? Anticipating what great present you’re gonna get, but on the other hand, a headache thinking of what to buy for your partner, especially when they’re adventurers!

Oh my god... these adventurers just seem like they have their life figured out! All those IG photos of them travelling here, having fun everywhere. What could you possibly buy for Christmas that can make them happy? A trip to Bali? That’s just plain expensive!

That’s the reason why y’all are reading this article, right? Duh, the title literally states Christmas Exchange Gifts for Adventurers. So without further ado, let’s dive into the best gifts for adventurers on Christmas!


Mountain Hikers and Campers

These hikers love the challenge! The soreness of climbing and hiking, the strong wind pushing them down and even the heavy luggages they carry just to see the peak of the mountain and success of the climb. What we think it's best for these challengers is to help them reach the peak easier by buying them these:


Hypergear windbreaker


A hike is never just a hike against gravity. It's also a challenge against the wind. Buy them Hypergear Windbreaker Basic to protect their bodies from rough wind during their climb. Hypergear Windbreaker can also protect against light rain which could be perfect for hikers who love to hike during the rain, especially in monsoon season now!


Hiking Bags

Hiking bags are definitely a must if your partner is an avid hiker. Hiking bags appear to be big and bulky - in simple terms, just plain heavy. That’s why it's important to find a hiking bag that has a big storage space, yet comfortable for hikers to bring around in their hike and camp. Hypergear Hiking Bags are just built for that very reason. It's even waterproof! Protecting your things safely and an enjoyable hike guaranteed! 


Breathable Clothes

Especially with Malaysia being hot and warm all the time, hikers in our country definitely prefer breathable apparels and clothing. Hypergear also provides a series of breathable apparel with a variety of colours! The apparel is also very easily dried, when your hike has an unpredicted downpour.   


Scuba Divers

What do you mean divers? They are better known as Dora The “Sea” Explorers. Discovering the most undiscovered part of the world is their job and passion. It’s not much longer until these divers find the lost city of Atlantis and you’re wondering what they want for Christmas? What they want is the thrill of discovering something new in the sea! So let’s enrich their search with:


Waterproof Bags

As a scuba diver, a constant worry is always not getting your personal items wet while you go searching for the city of Atlantis. Check out Hypergear Dry Bags which highlights a roll-up waterproof technology that keeps the inside dry and clean. No place to put the bags? It can even float on the sea! Just make sure it doesn’t float away!


Hypergear Gifts Recommedation

Waterproof Camera

A Scuba Diver’s best tool would definitely be a waterproof action camera. What’s a better gift than a device that can capture their adventure and help them relive the moment out of the sea? They can even show it to their grandsons and granddaughters in the future! (If videos are even a thing in the future) 



Motorbikers just want to go wherever the road leads them. Under the scorching sun and even rainy days, these bikers enjoy the journey and never have a destination as they are always moving to the next stop! The best gifts are definitely things that make their journey better and more enjoyable! Get them these:


Hypergear Waist Pouch

Waist Pouch

Motorbikers love to travel but have so little space to keep their things and pack for their adventure. Gifting them with a Waist Pouch could be the best present ever! A waist pouch could help them keep their daily used items such as smartphone, wallet and even sanitizers - especially during these uncertain times. Hypergear also provides a great range of Waist Pouches that come in all sizes and colours!


Hypergear Gifts Recommendation


While sunglasses could be a common gift, sunglasses are essential for motorbikers that often take road trips with their awesome motorbikes. Under the scorching sun, wearing sunglasses can protect their eyes during their travels and even ensure safe travel! 



Athletes are definitely adventurers of their own bodies. Testing the limits with their bodies and sometimes, even going far and beyond. No matter what they do, even just eating and drinking, it is for their body to transform into its best shape and form. For these athletes, it best to show your support of what they are doing by giving them: 


Hypergear Duffel Bag

Waterproof Duffel Bag

In our opinion, showering after the gym or a workout is the best part of the day! But one slight inconvenience we always face is how our clothes and normal duffel bags get wet in the shower room. Hypergear offers waterproof Duffel Bags in 40L and 60L which is a wide storage space for your clothes and needs.


Wireless Earphones

Music is the best motivation during practice and workout. Wireless earphones are a great companion for athletes. Without wires restricting their movement, they can enjoy getting an awesome workout with motivating and banging music.


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