Adopt A Turtle

Sea turtles are part of two ecosystems, the beach/dune system and the marine system. Though sea turtles have been living and thriving in the world’s oceans for 150 million years, they are now in danger of extinction largely because of changes brought about by humans.

If sea turtles went extinct, both the marine and beach/dune ecosystems would be negatively affected. And since humans utilize the marine ecosystem as a natural resource for food and since humans utilize the beach/dune system for a wide variety of activities, a negative impact to these ecosystems would negatively affect humans.
It’s imperative that we rally to action now, to lend turtles our voices and protect this ancient creature for our fates are interlinked for turtles must remain an important part of our future. In Hypergear, we are determined to be part of this movement in providing unconditional support to the on-going conservation effort in protecting this wondrous sea creatures.

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