Ever wished you could fly above water like a superhero? It's no longer a far-fetched fantasy. In fact, you can do so with Flyboard at lake Putrajaya! Jet-ski racer, Frankie Zapata, invented the Flyboard, a device connected by a hose to a jet ski, which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through water, for the thrill and experience of hydroflight.

This extreme water sport activity was made popular and accessible to public in Malaysia by the pioneers, Flyboard Malaysia, in January 2014. Their aim to provide invaluable experience like no other to daredevils and adrenaline seekers has spurred a collaboration between Hypergear and Flyboard Malaysia.

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A Flyboard is a type of water jetpack device attached to a Personal Water Craft (PWC), which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard through water to perform a sport known as Flyboarding. A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a PWC. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up in the air, up to 15m high.The Flyboard is a bolt-on device that is attached to a PWC and designed to the PWC follows behind the rider’s trail, allowing the rider multiple degrees of freedom, even allowing the rider to go underwater if they desire. The pilot on the Flyboard is secured in by bindings similar to a wakeboard and the rider is propelled from water jets below the device.


The fast-growing sports of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a fun and easy way to go and play on the water. SUP boards are larger and therefore more stable than surfing long boards. The boards are ridden standing up, so some initial balance is required. The rider uses a long -shaped paddle for propulsion and steering. There are different strokes you can learn to help you to turn and to make you move. You do not need any previous experience or to be in great shape to try SUP. It is much less demanding than regular surfing. So it appeals to all ages, young and old. SUPing can be a low or high impact exercise depending on your intensity using a combination of balance, strength, and endurance. Once you’ve gained your balance, enjoy paddling and the feeling of freedom on water. Each session comes with a safety briefing, ground instructions as well as basic SUP techniques, hence perfect for beginners and first timers too!


Operating hours: Monday - Sunday ; 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Only appointments/bookings are entertained.


Address: Marina Putrajaya. No.1, Jalan 5/5, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia.

Search Flyboard Malaysia on Waze and start navigating right to the venue!


Contact Flyboard Malaysia at +6012 287 1120 or send them an e-mail at shenyee@www.flyboardmy.com