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We are passionate in travelling and exploring our beautiful planet.We believe travel is about life learning experience, embracing mother nature and connecting with people regardless of race.

We hope to inspire people to start their adventure with our visuals and fill all our life with amazing stories.So, grab your backpack... It’s time for an adventure

Growing up as a "kampung boy", Rizal Khalif has always had a soul for adventures. Though, if you didn't know already, you might not think that he was ever afraid of anything. But the fact is, after an incident in which he nearly drowned, he was afraid of water for a considerably huge part of his life. But the highlight is in overcoming that fear and later conquering it with whitewater rafting and eventually exploring new adventures.

Having completed the 300 km Fjallraven Polar expedition in the Arctic on a dog sleigh and being the first Malaysian to do it, Rizal picked up the name "AbangPolar". He was among 19 other participants from around the world selected for the expedition.

The wanderlust in him has also spurred his interest in bike touring. Rizal has rode thousands of miles across South East Asia as well as Mongolia on his bike.

Of course, as an outdoor enthusiast, Rizal enjoys travelling. But what sets him apart from other travellers is that he often goes for the road less taken. Rizal embraces everything that comes along with the journey; from breathtaking views or harsh nature, to getting to know the locals and their tradition and life, to the hardship and challenges that get in the way.

Besides his impressive resume as an adventurer, what makes Rizal a true Hypergear Hero is his aspiration to give back to society in any way he could. Apart from the charity work that he has done by visiting less fortunate families and donating grocery essentials for them as well as volunteering for an earthquake relief program in Indonesia, Rizal also aspires to someday "create a beautiful and safe space for young people to connect and fall in love with nature", as he said in an interview with