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Hypergear Affiliate Program 

You're an adventurous junkie that love Hypergear and want to monetize your following?

Hypergear Affiliate Program is made for you!  

Our affiliate marketing program is created as an opportunity for Hypergear consumers (like you!)

and the brand to work together and earn while both parties build towards their goal.

Create quality content with our bags and showcase your true charming self while earning money using the bags you love!

What's in it for you?

Your role is simple - promote our products in your own creative way and land sales among your audience to get attractive commission rates of up to 35%.

Besides our attractive commission up for grabs,

enjoy specialized perks and rewards given, even just by joining the program!

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Benefits of 

Our Program

Silver Program

We all start from the very beginning...
But no worries, we're here to help you! Each newcommer will be given a starter pack to help you curate quality and specialized content that showcase your unique personality that convert your audience to customers!

Once you join our program, enjoy our RM20 cash rebate in your commission account as a head start to reach your target commission rate!

Gold Program

Gold sounds like a winner tier and it is!

Because now, you will have access to special product sponsorship, specialized social media features and specialized promo code!

But why stop at Gold?

Platinum Program

Welcome to the SUPER tier!

At this level, you have access to ALL our benefits! In addition to the GOLD benefits, you also have access to specialized collaboration campaign with Hypergear, sponsored trips and early access to our promotion, events and campaigns!

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Commission Rate

No need to rub your eyes anymore!
It's really 15% with no minimum sales!
Even just getting one sales, you get 15%!

Feeling secure with our commission? Why be safe when you can earn even more if you hit higher sales and earn 35% commission?

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