The trend in consumer electronics has always been to make devices faster, smarter and with ever more features. But waterproofing has become the new focus of global electronics manufacturers and most brands are rushing to include this benefit to ensure they are not left behind in this ultra-competitive market. Since water-resistant standards play a big role in making expensive handheld and wearable digital devices more durable, the industry has adopted the IPX7 rating, which protects against immersion in water for 30mins at a depth of 1m. Making devices that are eye-catching as well as water, air and dustproof adds value to a new product.
In recent years, JBL has make effort to make a mark in the market to allow audiophile to enjoy the portable speaker without compromise the quality of music and most importantly, with waterproofing feature. This lead to the initiative of cross branding with Hypergear as the leading waterproof expert in sporting gear. Hypergear became one of the main sponsor for JBL significant event, JBL Concert Run.

The cross branding collaboration has a tremendous success as it focuses on outdoor activities and Hypergear is proud to able to sponsor dry bags which can directly use during the events itself. Besides, it educates public the importance of waterproofing our belongings as 93% of the water damage can be prevented and most importantly our electronic devices.