Dry Bag See-through, Personality test!

What your bag preference says about you! 

Come try this personality test and pick your favourite see-through bag! 

For knowing yourself better through your see-through bag preference

Don’t believe it? Choose one and click down below to reveal your personality.

Dry bag clear

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Your Personality: 

sporty, always-on-the-go, and audacious

You are always ready for action with all your things stored safely in your bag. You love to improve yourself physically whether it’s through the gym or by playing sports.

You enjoy being stand out from others. You are open and poised, just like the clear type effect of this Dry Bag Clear.

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Your Personality: 

happy-go-lucky, spontaneous, and fun-loving

For those who love Dry Bag Bubble are fun-loving and spontaneous. They love to do exciting things and are always ready for the next adventure out! The classic dry bag in a new bubble hue keeps you ready and all set for another adventure!

dry bag bubble

Dry bag smokey black

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Your Personality: mysterious, goal-oriented, and confident

People who are into Dry Bag Smokey Black are mysterious and remain somewhat enigmatic. Always keep people fascinated.

They are goal-oriented, confident, with a clear perspective on self-image. You are determined to accomplish your goal along with your trusty Dry Bag Smokey Black.

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