8 Unique Uses for a Dry Bag

Dry Bag  is best suited for outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, kayaking or any other water sports. Believe it or not, you can use your dry bag for more reasons than just keeping your items dry in wet situations.

We give you a few examples of different uses below.

1. Manage laundry

Keeping dirty clothes separated from clean clothes might prove to be annoying when you’re living without a suitcase, especially if clothes are soiled or wet. Do it inside out way. Put wet clothes inside to not wet other clothes.

2. Odour controller

Trap your stinky stuff inside the dry bag, roll and clip it closed. Especially potent for the long-drive-homers, a dry bag can makes an excellent odour controller and keep the car smelling fresh.

3. Pillow

Imagine that your flight is delayed and you are stuck in a railway station or an airport indefinitely. Turn your dry bag into an air bag. Mix the air and soft clothes to get the right pressure for you. Give your head a little rest anywhere you want. Use your dry bag as a pillow anytime.

4. Water Bucket

Caught a fish and want to keep it fresh? Transform your dry bag into a water bucket and keep your fish fresh for a longer time. Take your dry bag to the river and fill it with water. This way you have a liters of water storage without having to go to the river every time.

5. Emergency Washing Machine

Need to do a quick wash? Put your dirty clothes and some detergent inside the dry bag. Give some shake and rinse. Ta-daaa. Cleaner clothes.

6. Flotation device

Out in the wilderness, you may have to cross dangerous rivers. Cross river safely with your dry bag. Just trap some air and voila, an emergency flotation device.

7. Work Out

Unfortunately, gyms don’t exist in the wilderness, but you can easily turn your dry bag into a kettlebell to get some lifts in while traveling! Simply add sand, water, or anything inside your dry bag to add weight to it. The best part of this is that you will know exactly how much weight you are lifting because 1 Liter of water would roughly weigh 1 KG, you can convert liters into the weight that you’re looking for.

8. Electronic/ Cable bag

The durable material of dry bags helps prevent things from poking in, and it’s also convenient to keep all your cables stored in one spot so you’ll know where it is! Not to mention, you’re obviously keeping all of your electronics protected from any dust, moisture and wet conditions.

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