Motorcyclists come in all shapes and sizes, and with equally diverse personalities. We are here to sort those unique ways out. Here’s is a rundown of 6 types of motorcycle riders. Which one would you say you are?

1. The Hardcore Commuter

Riding in extreme conditions and temperatures is a piece of cake for them because they’ve well prepared. He has every piece of luggage imaginable, and can probably move the contents of his house via his motorcycle.

2. The Newbie

This rider is simultaneously cute and frustrating at the same time. If you ride, you've been there and you understand. Teaching and advising the newbies about the dos’ and don’ts, is what makes the biking brotherhood stronger.

3. The Squid

The Squids prefer to ride too fast in traffic on the open streets, pulling wheelies and other stunts.  Looking for barely protected bodies, loud pipes and sketchy manoeuvres.

4. The DIYer

This type of rider carries the coolest miniature toolkit you've ever seen, crammed into the tiniest space possible on the bike.

5.The Posers

They acquire every new shiny gear and spend most of their time stopping nearby bars and gas stations so he can pose with his bike. One quick trick to identify them is to check the miles on their bikes.

6. The Adventurer

6. The Adventurer

This rider would never want to ride within the city, he would rather call it in-genuine riding. They believe that motorcycles can reach anywhere if accompanied by talented rider.