Hiking is proven to have many health advantages, ranging from physical exercise you get when out on the trail, to emotional or mental relief that comes from being in nature. You not only get the chance to enjoy scenic views but also meet different kinds of hikers in the hiking world. So let’s take a look at some of them. Here are 6 types of hikers you will meet in the mountains.

1. The Gadget Hiker

Gadget hikers a don’t see any problem carrying a 20 to 30 kg backpack on steep terrains. Carry all the essentials from an emergency first aid medical kit to different kinds of snack. They have all the essentials that you think you won’t need but you eventually will during the climb.

2. The Minimalist

They only bringing stuff that they think is truly necessary. They would not mind using the same clothes for days. You can see them in their casual attire

tank tops and sometimes jeans and a pair of sneakers.

3. The Hardcore Hiker

This type of hikers are often the fittest people in the group. Often goes hiking every chance they get. Usually rush their way ahead of the pack without taking breaks or even waiting for others.

4. The Whiner

The whiner rant and complains about the hike for the entire duration of it. They always whine about the trail being too long, the sun’s too hot, I’m hungry, when will we get there etc. However these people will still be present on the next climb. despite whining all the time.

5.The Photographer

Never go hiking without their camera or smartphone. Usually takes pictures of others or of the view instead of focusing on themselves. You should expect to be bombarded with a huge number of on social media if you climb with them.

6. The Social Hikers

6. The social hiker

Social hikers prefer hiking with a group instead of going solo. They usually spend all their time interacting with other hikers on the trail even if they are total strangers. They will lend you a hand, share you snacks and motivate you when you need it.