When everyone is telling you to get a waterproof phone pouch for extra protection of your phone, but you're always wondering why you should have one instead of a normal phone casing. 

Do you know why you shouldn't buy a waterproof phone pouch even when everyone's telling you that you should?

Well, these are the reasons why...

If you're NOT an OUTDOOR person, you have NO VALID REASON to buy a protective phone pouch

If touchscreen-friendly front compartment is NOT your concern for a phone pouch

3. Putrajaya

If you are NOT looking for a phone pouch that is wearable on anything

If heavy water resistance is NOT your concern and you DON'T MIND your mobile phone getting wet under heavy rain or water splashes

If you DON'T MIND the durability and quality of the phone pouch 


You'll regret not knowing the benefits of using this waterproof phone pouch much earlier...