Vroom vroom Have you ever wondered how to protect your personal belongings and yourself when you’re riding on a motorbike? Gear up with some essential stuff which is waterproof is the best protective method to save your worries while riding a motorbike in the rain!

What are your MUST-HAVE essential kits when you ride on a motorbike ?

Check this out and it may save you from an awkward situation!

Malaysia's weather is unpredictable. We might be exposed to the hot sun in the afternoon, the weather changed unpredictably after a while. Especially for every motorbiker who is exposed to the hot sun and rain every day, you should have a windbreaker to protect you from UV and light rain.

The phone is one of the essential things for everyone. How to place my phone safely could be a big issue for motorbikers. A protective and waterproof phone pouch could reduce the risk of the phone falling down from the motorbike and get your phone protected from water damage.

3. quantum shield face cover

3. Quantum shield face cover

A protective face cover is a MUST for everyone. Get yourself a protective and efficient product that can protect you and your family is the responsibility.

4. waist pouch

Unpredictable rain could be one of the common issues for motorbikers on the road. You could have a big loss if you don’t have a waterproof product to protect your valuables. Hypergear waist pouch could do its function to protect your belongings from heavy rain 

5. dry bags

Getting the right dry bags and backpack - and packing them right to ensure the weight is evenly distributed and as low to the ground as possible - is essential when you’re off on an adventure. If you’re going for a weekend away one tail bag and a backpack ought to suffice.