Vertica - The Executive Backpack
Vertica combines a fusion of minimalist forms with elegant designs. While provides leading edge, accompanied by uniquely original expressions. It is the most innovative product ever created since the founding of Hypergear.


Get Your Essentials Protected

Vertica Backpack is designed through inspiration to create well - balanced mixture of waterproof feature & contemparary design. The backpack is durable and perfect for corporate individual who take their corporate utility seriously to prevent prone water damage from document to electronic device.

Military Efficiency
Lined with military grade material called Aquarix™, material ignore the effects of rain, dirt or mud and provide the most durability among conventional backpack
The Lightweight Champion

Strap on or hold your Champion backpack, able to withstand up to 70 kg of weight while weighing at 1.2 kg itself.

Tactical Accessibility

Fast Slot is an organizing pouch for any device, for any situation especially going through airport security swiftly.

Premium customer support


Quality guarantee

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