hypergear x ahirine


Until recent years, people would have never thought of a transparent bag, having stuck to the perception that a bag should only conceal its content rather than revealing it. AHIRINE and us have jumped on the bandwagon of breaking barriers in terms of fashion and functionality with the Dry Bag Clear Type.

Taking a huge leap with this unconventional bag, we deliver the message about putting down the walls and not being ashamed of showing your true self. Dry Bag Clear Type is designed for those who are adventurous in fashion and trend and dare to try something new, something different.


While this transparent Dry Bag challenges functionality with fashion, surprisingly yet logically, it is also practical in various ways. Obviously, being transparent, it allows us to identify instantly where each item is placed and thus, involves no rummaging through everything just to get to one thing.

Believe it or not, using this bag will eventually make you a more organized person, especially since there is no need to delve in the bag. Besides, you wouldn't want people to see your belongings all in untidy order through the transparent material, do you?