Whether you are a water sports enthusiast or a passionate outdoor adventurer, leaving your precious belongings for 2 minutes leads to unnecessary anxiety, let’s not disregard the part where you catch a brief heart attack the moment you forgetfully touch your pockets only to feel your phone’s absence.

We’ve all been there - the painful grey area where the love for both our extreme hobbies and fragile electronic belongings collide. That’s why we put together our 4 tips for keeping our electronics by our side when we immerse ourselves in beloved water sports! 


1. Wrap Them In A Zip-block Bag

Dismissing the fact that it looks slightly awkward, zip-block bags is a cheap solution in keeping your belongings dry and away from the sand.
However do bear in mind that, it may be a risky approach as after one use, there may be holes due to wear and tear. 

Therefore we highlight do not recommend this approach if you're heading into the water with your valuables 

2. Wear a wetsuit

Devices in, water’s out. It’s not about the looks if we get our way with our water hobbies!

3. Invest in waterproof tech

Today’s technology copes with today’s needs. There’s a list of waterproof mobile phones out there with a fancy price for individuals like us![Insert expensive phones]

4. Grab a dry bag

Since we’re trying extremely hard to keep our small-sized valuables waterproof, why not keep all our notebooks, cameras, tshirts and tidbits dry & safe in an all-in-one bag?